Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Audience Survey

I have made a survey for my product. I have done this because I want to ensure my product has been successful in targetting our specific audience. I also want to find out what we have not done well so when approaching a similar task I will not make the same mistake.

Please use the scroll button to make sure all questions are completed.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Finished Titles

We have made and chosen the two main titles which we are going to use at the beginning of our title sequence. It took us a reasonably long time to think, and to work out the design of these titles. To ensure our titles were advanced we had to make sure a grid was put onto Photoshop so that the positioning was correct. We all really liked the idea of the lighting going down the middle and the text either side. I think the sound effect will make the titles look even better as the sound (such as the lighting). I think me and my group have made sure the titles were seen to be significant as we wanted everything in our title sequence to be advanced and good. Our next title, is reasonably simple compared to our previous one. We decided to use capitals to ensure the words were clearly visible  Along with our previous title, the background is black and letters are in white. This is because we wanted to make sure again, the words were easy to read. The actual design on our second title is a type of design which is made on Photoshop. I am content with both these titles as each are very simplistic but also slightly interesting because of the the two contrasting colors and the small design. I think at the moment, me and my group are working very hard to make sure we meet our deadline.

This is our first title
This is our second title

Thursday, 21 March 2013


At the moment, me and my group are deciding upon titles (whilst editing). We have agreed on a name such as "Lighting Productions" as we found it was short and engaging. This is a rough copy of what our title will look like. We like the idea of a still image of lighting being in the middle of the production title. Moreover, we have used a black background with white text so that the words are clearly visible to our target audience.

We have also thought about sound effects. We would like a sound effect of lighting as the title will only last around 3 seconds. I think, this will make our title sequence immediately engaging as even the production titles are interesting. 

However. the changes I would make to this are: A more defined lighting image as I do not think this image looks like lighting due to the abnormal shape. Also, their are no capital letters on the titles which in some way, makes it seem immature. Callum has been the main 'maker' of the titles due to his abundance of knowledge using the software such as Photoshop. However, he has considered our opinions so that as a group we can move forward together. We will now as a group, commit to making these changes so that our titles will be good.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Final shooting

We have recently just finished a second draft of our final cut. Similarly to what we did before we decided to use our critical analytically skills to evaluate our title sequence. It was evident that within the sequence that it came across too aggressive which opposes with what we want to present in our product. We then decided to film more, of the younger version of our protagonist so that we can achieve a more depressing mood which fits into the message we are trying to portray. 


I found filming reasonably easy due to having organised what we were exactly going to film before the shoot. We already thought of the questions which we wanted the young girl to ask and knew what camera angles/shots we would do. I think overall, me and my group have improved with our filming skills because of the practice we have had.  

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Changes and further shooting

After talking to our teacher, it is evident that there may still be additional shooting which should be done so that we can improve our title sequence further. At the moment, we are currently organising titles and do have time to do some extra filming which will help make our products narrative more advanced. 

What we are now changing:
  1.  We have decided to create more flash back scenes so that our meaning is reinforced throughout the title sequence. I think this will help improve our product because it evidently displays to the audience what has happened in the past and the depressing reaction our protagonist had. The filming for this is going to take place on the 14th of March. The props we need are: chairs, camera, tripod.
  2.  Possible cutting of some material (clips) as we have now decided it is too aggressive and the flashback scenes we will reshoot will take up the spare timing. By doing this we will keep repeating the same message throughout our title sequence which will successfully let the viewer understand our narrative more. 
  3. Additionally, the dialogue of the girl speaking about where her brother has gone. We decided to include this as we think it will again, reinforce and add to the meaning and the understanding the viewers will have for our protagonist. We are using questions such as: (examples) - Where has he gone? Is he coming back? etc. This then signifies to the audience the girl is distressed and upset about her brother going missing.
What we still need to complete:

We are still currently working on our titles which need to be finished very soon. We are hoping to finish them by early next week so that if we needed to dramatically change or adjust anything we will have spare time to do so.

We also need to finalise music and make sure we are happy with the ordering we have placed it in. At the moment, I am fairly happy with how we have added in the sound but there is still work to be done and I am aware of that. Additionally, we have not touched upon sound levels which is significant because we need to make sure the music sounds advanced and successfully fits into the sequence.

This is our title sequence at the moment: (We still have a lot to go...)

Overall, me and my group are happy with how we are working and progressing at the moment. We are aware of the deadlines that have been set and are on track to meet them. To improve the way we approach the filming and editing I think we need to make sure we try to expand and think 'out of the box' so that it saves us time and we do not need to shoot more.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Reshoot of flashback scene

Today me and my group did our final bit of filming which was as we call "the flash back scene". In order to achieve a good shooting we had to create a small, detailed table on what camera shots and angles we were going to use. We did this because it would help us when filming as it would be easier instead of improvising. This scene is considered highly important within our title sequence as it is to some extent the trigger which reveals the girls inner feelings which is why we felt the need to organise ourselves before actual shooting. Furthermore, I think me and my group did very well partly because I feel as a group we have progressed with our filming skills. 

Choice of actors:

To create authenticity and realism within the title sequence we used a real drama teacher to play the schoolteacher so that it could look genuine. We then used a young girl, Asian  to play the part of a younger version of our protagonist. We found it hard to find a girl who looked similar to Cindy (our main character  but because we finally did, it will make our sequence look and feel more real towards the audience. 

Camera? Mise-en-scene? Sound?

We decided to use an opening shot of the teacher and girl sitting with each other so that the audience would understand what they are doing. We then went onto a close up of the girl, looking concerned (as she has been pulled aside by a teacher). It then goes onto a close up of the teacher speaking the dialogue of how her brother went missing. After, a close up, reaction shot is shown of the girl so that the audience can understand and see her reaction to what has happened. The costume is very simplistic as we kept the young girl in uniform to add to the authenticity of her being at school. The teacher, wearing a smart casual outfit so again it will add to the current realism which is being presented. I think these decisions that we made with the camera, editing and sound are all significant which will help add continuity to our title sequence.

Overall, I am happy with what me and my group achieved today and I think we are constantly progressing. If I was to improve the way we approached this side of filming I would say that we maybe should have tried out more camera shots. Apart from this, I think we can now go back to editing and put the clips into a right place so our continuity is good.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Title and Further Editing


Today, we managed to put all the correct clips in order. However, we discovered a problem; one of our clips was too "jumpy" which took away the continouty out of our title sequence. To overcome this, we had to play around with clips to see which one would fit. Furthermore, after this problem was resolved we went onto adding in our titles. We decided to put our titles over the top instead of fading to a black screen. This is because we ran out of time because when editing and putting our clips together we found out they were longer than we thought. This is not a main problem as we could still successfully fit in our titles and make them look good. Overall, me and my group are doing very well with editing as any problems or challenges we have faced, we have overcome. I think to improve the way we approached editing is to look at tutorials more so that no time is wasted when figuring out what to do.

Current Title

This is our current title of our film. At the moment, we are quite sure we will use this in our opening sequence, however have not received any feedback or advice on this so we do not want to make a final decision. The reason why we decided to make our title like this is because we wanted a "creepy, mysterious, scary" effect. The reason why did white text with a black background is because when doing our research we found out it was very common and was very effective. We also decided to use sans serif font because again, it is bold, common and eye catching which will draw the audience in. Also, the "smoke" fits in with the narrative as it is a metaphor for the antagonist (boy) drifting away. I am very content with this title.

Moreover, I think me and my group are doing well as we are frequently discussing current ideas and how to improve upon them. Editing is our main issue but I think we are working good and will meet the deadlines. We have one last bit of filming to do which will then (hopefully) fit into our sequence nicely. 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Filming and Editing our Re shoot


As me and my group came to the conclusion we are going to re shoot we have already faced some challenges whilst doing this. On our re shoot  we found everything slightly easier as we had completed it before. It helped us focus on the actual camera work to ensure the technical codes were being completed to a higher level than before. Before filming, we decided to change the location. This was not a huge deal as it was still completed in the same house environmental just in another room which we did not acknowledge and did not think it would be suitable for the filming. However, this made aspects of filming slightly harder as we have put ourselves into a new room. 

What we decided to change and focus on:

  • Ensure the actor looked and acted drunk so the authenticity was there
  • Make sure the camera did not move or become our of focus
  • Location (we found a better room)
  • Include an establishing shot

We have now uploaded our re shoot and have started editing. After doing some editing as a group together we have been successful in putting the clips in the correct order. Now we have done this, we can see what does and doesn't work. We may need to move clips around or add in transitions. I think as a group we are doing well in editing as we are working together a lot to make sure our project is frequently being pushed forward. However, to improve our editing skills it may be a good idea to watch videos online to use Adobe Premiere more in a more advanced way. Below is some screen shots of the editing we have done:

To ensure we keep up to date with editing, me and my group have discussed times and dates where each (or all) will come in and do some editing  This is helpful as our project will be looked at frequently therefore allowing it to be pushed ahead so that we meet our deadlines.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Revision on Camera, Editing, Sound, Mise-en-scene

I have decided to look at another TV drama extract. This is because I want to be constantly reminding myself of camera, editing, mise-en-scene and sound. By revising these it will help me when coming to re shoot and editing. I have chosen an extract from Waterloo Road which focuses on the representation of age. Even though the main question is on age, I am going to focus on the camera, editing, mise-en-scene and sound before linking it to age. Before even looking at the extract I am going to think about the stereotypes and if the different age groups meet or slightly link with them. Teenagers are always associated and portrayed to be disrespectful and disruptive towards over members of society. Additionally, elderly people are usually stereotyped to be "moody" and their costume normally consists of browns, blacks and grey's. By knowing the stereotypes before looking at the extract it will give me an insight and understanding to see whether the certain characters represented have portrayed to be atypical or stereotypical.

In this extract from Waterloo Road; the characters have all been represented as stereotypical. 
The extract opens with a close up of of a man foot walking under the desk, this creates quite a mysterious tone within the extract. Immediately  there is a mid shot of two young boys which therefore links into the mystery and mischievous behavior already connoting the stereotypical nature of the young teenage male characters  The diagetic sound of the characters 'whispering' reinforces the secrecy and rebellious attitude of the characters. Furthermore, the editing of the shot reverse shot from the pupils to the teacher creates tension within a scene emphasises the rebelliousness which the two young boys seem to maintain. Consequently, this has already inferred to the audience that the 'teenage' age group will be portrayed to be stereotypical. Moreover  close up of the teacher reveals his facial expression and his concern about what the two boys are doing which potentially opposes to the usual stereotype as his facial expression is not dull or uninterested. The wide shot of the three characters helps the audience gain an insight into the diagetic sound of the dialogue which is the pupils making up excuses of how they broke the object. However, the eye line match and over the shoulder connote to the audience that the characters are equal implying that the age groups are no more advanced than the other. The panning shot introduces a middle aged Indian woman to the scene. The mid shot demonstrates her body language and her facial expression which is presented as worried and perplexed. Similarly,  when she is displayed she is also at eye line match which reinforces the equality between all age groups. The mise-en-scene of the two teenage characters help make it evident to the audience that they are young and are in school. However, they are wearing their uniform incorrectly which connotes their nontraditional frequent behaviour. The old teacher is wearing dark grey's and black which signifies his old age and is iconic of what an old person may look like. It also symbolises his personality as being 'dull'. Additionally  the middle ages woman is wearing two contrasting colour's such as a bright pink and a grey. This is significant because the pink symbolises beauty and love which is then contrasted with a dull colour connoting a cross between a young and old inferring she is between the two. The constant high key lighting in the scene helps make everything appear clear and apparent. 

Furthermore, the next scene consists of a young teenage boy and a middle aged man. The boy is marginalised which infers his age is less important. Whereas, the middle ages man is centralised when first introduced connoting his signification within the scene. The non diagetic, ambient sound in the background of the scene reinforces the realism and authenticity as they are based within a school. Moreover, the two characters are shot at eye line match and over shoulder which juxtaposes when both characters are introduced. The low angle shot of the middle aged man emphasises his importance which therefore juxtaposes with the middle aged woman who was seem to be equal to the different age groups. 

Additionally, the next scene features two pupils. They are introduced with a long shot and are centralised in the scene which therefore demonstrated the importance they uphold within this scene. The surroundings of the pupils in the hall ways are not in focus which reinforces the audience concentration of the two young teenage characters. The ambient sound within the background also emphasises the realistic nature and helps give the audience an insight into the young character's life. The diagetic dialogue of the two characters talking suggests they are worried and distressed which is stereotypical as it is known to be common that teenagers have an attitude. Moreover, another teenage character is introduced. The mise-en-scene of the two teenage girls connotes their sexuality, gender and rebelliousness. This is because they are wearing their uniform incorrect but have also accessorized which illustrated their femininity but also their 'fun' and 'engaging' attitudes towards their lives. On the other hand, the dialogue of one of the girls shouting juxtaposes this and therefore implies that she is distressed from family issues. This is again, a stereotype being made as her costume has portrayed her to be rebellious and her attitude and raising of voice to be frustrated and irritated. The editing such as the over the shoulder shot of the three young teenagers displays their equality. 

I have finished analysing over half of this extract and I feel as if I have reminded and revised it very well. I have come to a conclusion that the representation of age within this extract is equal between all different age groups even though they have all been stereotyped  The director may have done this to imply to the audience that all people are equal. However, because of the use of stereotypes it immediately makes the audience form a judgments between characters. Moreover, I am very satisfied with the revision I have done on this extract as I now have been reminded of the camera, editing, mise-en-scene and sound which will help me when I come to changing and adjusting my coursework. If I was to improve the way I approached this I would have focused more on sound as in my coursework it is what we are currently struggling on. For my next revision, I am going to revise sound to make sure I know that the sound I am putting into my coursework piece will match it and create tension (which is what we want).

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Shooting schedule

This is our groups timing schedule for our re shoot. Making this helps us keep up to date on our future deadlines which we need to meet. This also helps us organise what we need as we can view a list of props, and essential filming sequences we need to complete. We are hoping to complete our overall filming soon so that we can progress onto editing so the quality of our work is to a high standard.

Critical Analysis of Our Filming

We have previously just filmed the main part of our title sequence. We then edited it (together) to see what works and what doesn't. Me and my group have have to the conclusion that we are going to re shoot. Together, we watched and analysed our short film critically to see if their were an extreme amount of negatives. There appear to be several small or big mistakes which have occurred in our title sequence that we need to re shoot. However, we wanted to re shoot everything so that it would be better.

It was evident to us that the most fundamental issue which  appeared from the first sequence. The sequencing was not effective and clear enough for the viewers because of the poor and lack of camera shots which would make it hard to understand and engage into our narrative. To improve this we are going to make sure that we have more camera shots to make sure the high quality sequencing is reinforced throughout. Additionally  the mise-en-scene was a problem too as her make up seemed slightly over dramatic. We now know that when it comes to re shooting we can make sure her make up is more authentic. Furthermore, the diagetic sound was very good as it made the sequence sound very realistic  However, we are (still) struggling to find music which will fit into the second part of our sequence and this is becoming quite a big problem within our coursework. In terms of editing, me and my group seem to be successful. I think that with the camera shots we have made we have made a smooth sequence (as to what it could be) and a slight good sense of continuity. However, the one issue with editing is the transitions. We have used about 5 transitions (ATM) and the one of the ones we have used does not appear to fit in because of the poor continuity in this part of the sequence. This is something we will improve upon when it comes to re shooting  Even though we do not get marked upon our acting we decided it would be better to make our actor look a bit more drunk so that we have that sense of realism within our title sequence. This will also expand the amount of different shots we do which wil also be very helpful.

Overall, even though we have decided to re shoot I am very satisfied and content with what me and my group have produced. We have all worked very hard towards this and struggled slightly in some parts (for example  the first shoot). However, clearly highlighting the errors we have made will help us as we can now re shoot and correct them.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Reviews and Feedback

Recently in class our coursework piece was displayed to the class and we were given some feedback on how our opening is looking so far. Even though he have not finished editing and included essential parts like the music we still managed to fit the clips into the right order. This helps as the people reviewing can give us critical analysis on what we need to improve upon so that we can progress and move forward with our project.


  1. We tried very hard to make our camera smooth and professional and the feedback we gained was successful. For example; the zoom into our protagonists eyes looked very good as it was very nicely done. 
  2. The diagetic sound that we have originally had fitted the scene very well and is appropriate to the mood and atmosphere within the scene.
  3. The fast shots of our protagonists created tension and suspense which is good for us to know as this is what we wanted to try and display.
  4. At first, me and my group were unsure on what non diagetic sound to include in the first part of the title sequence. We quickly chose a piece of music, knowing we would most likely change it. However, when the class received it we got told it fitted the atmosphere and created a relevant tone. 

Negatives: How to improve?

  1. Problems that we are currently facing with camera work - we used a pan to follow our protagonists whilst she walks from the window to the desk and it is slightly too fast. Therefore, we will have to re shoot or replace it with other footage we have filmed. 
  2. Also, we used a continuous tilt which tilted down then up. However, when it tilted down it was not very professional as the moving of the camera was not smooth enough. We are going to edit this thoroughly to make it look smother.

Overall, I am content with the progress me and my group are currently making. I feel that we are in line with the deadlines. Even though we are doing well at the moment we still need to carry on working hard to make sure our project is up to high standards. Also, receiving critical feedback has helped me personally and my group also as it helps move the project forward.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Challenges We Are Facing: Editing

At the moment, me and my group are currently working on the editing of our final piece. We have put together most of the clips. However, we are facing problems which we need to solve soon so that our project can move forward and be successful. The one main challenge which we are finding hard to overcome is what sound to use. We are finding it hard to create or find a piece of music which fits into the mood and atmosphere we are trying to create. Furthermore, I am very content with how me and my group are coping with the editing as overall it is going very good. Even though I, personally am not familiar with Adobe Premiere I have certainly gained a few skills which has helped dramatically with editing. 

There is always room for improvements: 
Even though I am very happy about how my group are working I think we should put more time into looking and analysing different kinds of sounds so that we can move the project forward. I also think I should look into how to edit a flash back. We have included a flash back and we are currently struggling in how to make it look authentic. I think it would be helpful if we look at past coursework or even YouTube videos of people explaining so that we could get an advanced insight into making the flashback we include look authentic.

Below is a print screen of the flashback sequence and how we have edited it so far:

How I am organising myself to keep up with deadlines:
I am currently aware of all the future deadlines. Me and my group are frequently discussing the deadlines so that we know to keep on top of our project. We have organised ourselves efficiently so that we meet up and continue editing our project so we will meet all the deadlines.

Overall, the progress me and my group are making are up to good standards. This is because we are looking and evaluating every clip we have included in our project so that our opening sequence will be up to excellent standards. 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Animatic Storyboard

Below is our animatic storyboard. I found doing the animatic storyboard very helpful as it helped me and my group visualise and see what if the timing worked, the shots looked good and if all the transitions fitted in well. As a group we did face some challenges and some parts of the storyboard did not suit and match what atmosphere we were trying to create. This was not a large problem as we discussed and tried out different shots. I am very pleased about making the animatic and I feel like as a group we are frequently progressing.


Sunday, 20 January 2013

How our group handled filming

Today me, Rachel and Callum filmed three quarters of our opening sequence. I found today very experiential and challenging for several reasons such as; throughout filming we decided to change and adjust the storyboard as some of the shots we took looked poor and we thought of ways to make them better. Another part of filming I found challenging was the timing. The amount of filming which we had to do was shortened into a time period which means we lacked in experimenting as we did not have the time to take a lot of different shots then compare afterwards. We made sure we kept revising the storyboard as we went though the filming to make sure we are using the technical areas in the correct way. I am content though that we have filmed our main part of the title sequence and as a group I think we worked well and hard which will show in the outcome of our opening sequence.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Shooting Schedule

This is our shooting schedule; as a group we thought it was important to list the location, times, props etc before we start filming. This will help us as we can clearly see what we need and what we need to do when making our opening sequence.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Deadlines and Updated Roles

Long term aims

  • To plan effectively and meet deadlines
  • To share roles and responsibilities to allow the project to move forwards
  • To ensure all decisions and revisions are recorded for blogs

2013 deadlines

  • Storyboard and animatic presentation: 15th January
  • Filming: January 28th
  • Post production: Rough cut, February 15th Friday 4 pm
  • Final deadline: March 8th
  • Individual evaluations: March 29th 4pm

I am listing these as a reminder for the main deadlines. This allows me and my group to know if we are up to date and to allow the project to move forward  It is important for the project to keep on going so that we do not fall behind in any of the coursework. We have decided to split the split the group and give each other roles so that the project can move as quickly as possible:

  • Callum will be doing the animatic storyboard
  • Myself and Rachel are in charge of the costume, props, location etc.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Representation of Age - How should I represent the age of my character?

As in class we have never focused on the representation of age I have decided to look into it as I am using a girl aged 16 in my coursework piece and it would be helpful to see how young people are represented. It will also give me a detailed insight on how age can be represented and if it is effective or not. I am also going to be focusing on location and mise-en-scene and see what affect the location has on the characters as I want to make sure when me and my group decide where we exactly want our piece to take place it needs to be effective and make the coursework piece authentic. I have only done a short summary focusing on how age is being represented so that I have a wider understanding on the effective way to represent different age groups. Overall, I am content with what I have found out as it will help me when making my coursework piece as I understand now that different age groups can be represented differently. I now know that young people are represented in a positive and innocent way as they do not have much experience in the working world. This will help me when coming to thinking about costume of my character because it may be good and effective if we try and make our protagonist look innocent in the costume.

Short summary of the extract:

The extract opens in a wide, long shot which introduces some middle aged man. Each of the men are represented in a positive way as it is evident they are working and earning a living; this is displayed through the props such as the shovels and large forks they are using. It is also inferred through the costume such as the  checkered t-shirts and large, over sized coats to keep them warm, connoting the work is mainly outside. The sound such as the non diagetic music creates a light hearted, soothing tone as it is slow country music, which also links to the costume. It is also significant that all of the characters are men as it is representing them as strong and independent  There is a straight cut to, two young characters; a male and female. Each of the characters are wearing clean, comfortable clothes which is contrasted with the characters which are previously displayed. They both almost look out of place because of the mise-en-scene and it also connotes their current lifestyle is reasonably easy as they have the time to lounge around and displays their lack of experience as their clothes are tidy and spotless. When the old man arrives he is shot at a low angle, connoting the dominance and power he has within the scene, however, because he is marginalised it implies he  does not have much importance. The two juxtaposing ideas will engage the reader as it is unclear if the age is being represented in a positive or negative way. The use of the mise-en-scene such as the costume demonstrate his wealth as he is wearing a suit, connoting he is upper class in society  This is representing his old age in a good way due to the fact he cares about the way he presents himself in public. The location also plays a part in how the representation of middle and old age is. Both the middle aged man and the old aged man have a drink in a rich room; the large windows and bookcases are iconic of the wealthy lifestyle. At the end of the extract the young girl and middle aged man have a heated debate and the man is portrayed as the more powerful one. This is through the use of the high angle up to him, and the low angle pointing down at her, representing her as weak, naive and vulnerable. 

Protagonist in Our Coursework and Costume

Originally, we decided to a Bollywood Thriller which is why she chose to use a Indian actor. However, we then found it too complex to progress the idea of a Bollywood thriller so we changed the idea to a psychological Thriller. Furthermore, we still would like to use the same actor as we think the looks of Cindy Sidhu meet what we are looking for. We wanted to find someone who has dark hair as the low key lighting which we will have in the scene will make her face look dark, creating a dark mood in the room. Even though we have decided our actor there is still major things which we need to think about such as the costume. As a group we have discussed her clothing and how we want it to be mainly dark colours but we do not want the scene to look to dark that it is unclear to see. I am content with the actor we have chosen and I think me and my group have chose well and thought strongly about what type of girl we need. Below is an image of our female actor:


What will our protagonist be wearing?
As a group we think the costume has a huge impact into the atmosphere of our opening sequence. Because it is a thriller, we have already decided to make the opening look very ominous and sinister. This is why we think our protagonist should be wearing dark coloured clothing, however, we want to make the girl look feminine by dressing her in a skirt. The reason why we want her to look feminine is because her body gestures will look very violent and masculine and we wanted to create juxtaposition to make our opening sequence more interesting. 
This is an example of what our protagonist will be wearing:
Each of these items are dark but we wanted to try and add some form of color
 so that it wasn't too black.

The Importance Of Location and Characters

I have decided to analyse an extract from the TV series Spooks to help improve my understanding of the key media concepts. I have decided to split the extract into location and characters and throughout comment on ethnicity. I did this because I think it will help me when coming to my coursework as the location and the representation of characters have a huge impact on what my coursework piece will be like. I have decided to focus the representation on ethnicity as that is the original question for the extract. By doing this I have recapped on all the main Media terms and language which will help me when I come to making my coursework as I will know what affect each of the camera, sound, editing and mise-en-scene have on the extract. I also decided to do ethnicity as in my coursework piece I am using an Indian girl and it was helpful for me to see how a middle aged Indian man is being portrayed to be like. Overall, doing this has helped me a lot as when I come to filming I can clearly see what I should and shouldn't include because of the possible effects.

The extract opens with a wide, high angle shot, introducing the location. The wide shot lets the audience notice the rich environment contrasted with the ominous low key lighting which fundamentally creates a dark mood, resulting in a sinister tone being created. The low key lighting in the room is displayed throughout the scene, this has a negative effect on the atmosphere. The ambient sound comes in dramatically but because of the supposedly natural noises which are being made it helps make the scene look authentic and realistic to the audience. The shadows which are in the background of the walls are iconic of the Gothic genre, reiterating the hostile mood and gloomy atmosphere. However, the large window which lets in the light is symbolic of the hope within the extract and because of the setting such as the enormous window it again, reinforces the idea of the setting being rich. Even though the window is open it is unclear of what is outside, and where they are which reinforces the ominous signs as it is uncertain of their location.

We are firstly introduced to a middle aged Indian business man which is stereotypical. He is introduced whilst the camera is panning at a medium shot. This helps the audience notice his costume; a dark business suit which already displays him as a stereotype. The ethnicity of the man at the beginning of the extract is being represented in a negative way, this may be because of the setting and the ominous signs which are frequently displayed. Furthermore, the dialogue and the speech he makes is very demanding and harsh. Also, his body language is very firm and the use of the recurring low angle shots make him appear dominant within the scene. The continuous slow paced editing of him walking and speaking make him the main focus in the extract, representing his ethnicity as powerful, he is also centralised in the screen the majority of the time which also helps with his significance within the extract. The hidden, undercover man is also important in the extract as even though it is unclear what ethnicity he is due to the costume he is wearing it is evident he works for the Indian man which connotes the Indian man is high in his business. Even though, the firm accusations which the Indian man is speaking out, the ethnicity is represented in a wealthy but dangerous way. The props which the hidden man is holding are things like guns and knifes which are very unsafe. The use of the undercover man being hidden also makes the other two characters; the English women and black man look like they're in danger. Furthermore, the English women is represented in two ways. We are firstly introduced to her with a high angle shot, of her tied up sitting down in a chair. This already displays that she is being held hostage and has no power over the two men which have taken charge. The recurring shot reverse shot from her to the Indian man display her distraught feelings she has to the situation she is in as she feels helpless and weak. However, the sound such as the dialogue represents her ethnicity in a stereotypical way as she is bold, and sticking up for herself; she uses strong language. The mise-en-scene such as the costume also represents her ethnicity in a stereotypical as she is also wearing a business type suit, connoting she has a well payed job. The fact that the English women is being trapped does display her as weak but because of the dialogue and costume she is portrayed in a more stereotypical way and it is implied to the audience that if she wasn't tied up she would be able to escape easily. Also, the is never centralised which again, reinforces the idea of her being dis included and less important within the scene. In addition to this, the black man is represented in an atypical way. Even though the black man is in the same position as the English girl he does not talk or stand up for either of them; his dialogue and screen time is short compared to the English girl which is representing his ethnicity as not only weak but less important than the others in this situation. 

Overall, the ethnicity in the extract has been represented and constructed in many ways. The Indian man is represented in a stereotypical way - this is mainly through the use of mise-en-scene, screen time, centralisation and camera shots. It is evident to the audience that he is wealthy and because he has people working for him he also comes across as high class. The English women is represented in two ways; because of the mise-en-scene and dialogue she is portrayed as strong and fearful which is a positive representation of the English culture. However, the situation which she is currently in is negative which is why the high angle shots reoccur so that she looks helpless and weak. The black man is represented in a complete atypical as even though his looks, look strong and dominant all of the - sound, editing, camera juxtapose the stereotypical representation as he is portrayed as less important and weak. Also, each of the characters are being represented as higher class as they all have business clothes on which connotes they are all high up in society which link in with the rich and wealthy location.